Kol ehad (one voice) workshop allows every participant to enjoy a group musical experience, through a series of musical games and exercises that develop group work and reflects relationships between the group members, enabling them to improve listening and collaboration through a fun and joyful activity.

We believe that collaboration is necessary in order to succeed as a group, and that in order to collaborate one has to develop listening skills
A good listener is a better partner, a better parent and a better group member.
We believe that music is an effective tool to reflect relationships between people.
"kol ehad" workshops are custom designed for the needs of the organization and can deal with a variety of topics such as:
Group work – how to improve group work and listening by "playing together"
Leadership -how to lead a group, using techniques from the conductor's world and one-on-one practice
Tool box – a workshop designed to teach "kol ehad" method to people that lead group's and want to add music to their tool box And more..
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